Yamaha Seawing Battery


New spare battery for the Yamaha Seawing Seascooter

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Yamaha Seawing’s powerful, removable battery runs for 45 minutes after a full charge and takes only 1.5 hours to recharge.

Yamaha Seawing comes with an automatic low battery alert, so you’ll know when it’s time to exchange a spent battery for a fully charged one.

This is the listing for the spare battery for this underwater scooter – so you can have twice the fun!


  • Long battery life 45min of run time
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Capacity: 6300mAh/140Wh
  • Voltage:22.2V
  • Charging time:1.5 hours ~ 2 hours


To prolong the battery life, always re-charge the battery within 48 hours after use and RECHARGE THE BATTERY AT LEAST EVERY THREE MONTHS when not in use.

You can purchase a brand new Yamaha Seawing unit by clicking HERE, and don’t forget, all Seascooters ordered though Aqua Toys are next working day courier delivery and carriage free to UK addresses!