Sublue White Shark Battery


Replacement Sublue White Shark Battery

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Use this White shark Mix 11,000mAh Battery from Sublue as a spare or to replace the original battery included with the White shark Mix underwater scooter. The 11.1V, 122.1Wh LiPo battery will power your White shark Mix for approximately thirty minutes.

Battery on plane: aviation stipulates that the battery power of portable equipment shall not exceed 160wh. We follow the aviation rules and the battery is designed as 120wh (detachable Li-polymer battery) to ensure your good usage experience and make sure you can travel around the world with the Swim Glider.

Battery specifications 

  • Voltage 11.1V
  • Rated power 100W
  • Battery Capacity 11000mAh
  • Voltage 11.1V
  • Energy 121Wh
  • Charging Environment Temperature 0~40℃
  • Maximum Charging Power 100W
  • Charging Period ≤3 hours
  • Battery Weight 820g

You can find the fantastic Sublue White Shark Mix Unit by clicking HERE

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