Sublue White Shark Mix Seascooter (Sailor Blue)

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Featured by a propulsion system that consists of two independently developed and evenly equipped Sublue propellers on both sides, with the propulsive force of a single propeller reaching 4 kg, White Shark MIX’s small device body features outstanding performance. The size of the battery means you can fly this product with a spare battery!

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The Sublue White Shark Mix, a revolutionary lightweight, hand-held propulsion device has arrived in the UK!

The White Shark Mix is the world’s smallest sea scooter and features a propulsion system consisting of two independently developed and evenly equipped propellers on both sides, enabling speeds of over 5 km/h.

Made with an integrated body design, The White Shark Mix features a minimalist and balanced ensuring use of the scooter is steady and controlled. It is rated to a maximum depth of 40m and the battery allows around 30 minutes of play time.

Safety is provided with protective propeller coverings and dual magnetic switches on both handles to enable stop and start. With the supplied buoyancy float, the White Shark Mix has ‘zero buoyancy’ to prevent it sinking away from you.

This ergonomic, portable device even has a GoPro mount on the bottom for documenting your undersea adventure.

Fast fun  … in the pool, at the beach … from the back of the boat … on your holidays !

We highly recommend purchasing a spare battery which can be found HERE


Aviation rules stipulates that the battery power of portable equipment shall not exceed 160wh. The Sublue White Shark Mix follows the aviation rules with the battery designed as 121wh (detachable Li-polymer battery). You must always contact your airline before flying with the battery details to ensure you have no problems at the airport. Aqua Toys takes no responsibility for any refusal to fly by air operators.


  • Lightweight at just 2.85kg
  • Maximum Depth of 40m
  • Battery Duration of 30 minutes (normal use)
  • Completely waterproof, even the battery and unit with the battery compartment open can be submerged accidentally with no fault, this makes accidental flooding impossible
  • Due to the size of the battery, the unit can be taken on a plane with no restrictions
  • Go-pro mount
  • Speed of 3.35mph (1.5 m/s) 


  • Weight = 2.85kg (inc Battery)
  • Power = 520W
  • Speed = 3.35mph (1.5 m/s)
  • Working Depth = 40m
  • Battery Duration = 30 min (normal use)


  • Single Thruster Force = 4KGF
  • Single Thruster Max Power = 260w


  • Voltage = 11.1v
  • Rater Power = 100w


  • Capacity = 11000mAH
  • Voltage = 11.1v
  • Energy = 121WH
  • Charging Period = 3 Hours
  • Weight = 820g


  • The speed may vary depending on the person and environent
  • 30 minute is the laboratory value and a mean under normal conditions for regular use
  • It is recommended that you prepare additional spare batteries for longer duration without stopping to recharge, you can find one HERE
  • Go-Pro is not included
Battery Type

Lithium-Ion (Size means this can be flown plus 1 spare)




30 Mins




1 Gear

Charge Time

4 Hours

Depth Rating

40m / 130ft

1 review for Sublue White Shark Mix Seascooter (Sailor Blue)

  1. ben (verified owner)

    I purchased this and it was delivered the very next day, best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
    took it to south of France on family holiday and used it in the pool all week, takes about 3 hours to charge but gives you a good hour to play with once charged, very powerful and at one stage it was pulling 4 ten year olds along the pool at once, great toy for adults and kids alike.

    i think its so good i may even buy another one when we go on holiday so we can have races.

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